Emergency Route Permits

Permit Access

Driving on this Emergency Route without a permit or during in appropriate times is a ticket able offense with a serious fine.

Road Conditions

It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to drive this Emergency Route without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The route is sign posted and must be driven with extreme caution. The route will be driven by Public Works or the Sheriff’s Office prior to the gates being opened to make sure they are passable, but the road condition could change at any moment. If you are driving the route and come across any problems please advise the Sheriff’s Office.

Permit Application

Emergency Route permits are available through the Sheriff's Office, located in the Court House. To receive an Emergency Route Permit you will be required to sign a “Hold Harmless Agreement”, meaning if you should have an accident of any sort while using this route you cannot hold the county or the land owners responsible. If you have any questions please call 360-795-3242.