Requesting Mental Health Services

To request mental health services, simply call or stop by. The person taking the request will ask you a few questions about the reason for your request, your medical insurance, level of income, referral source, etc. A face-to-face Intake Assessment will then be scheduled.

Intake Assessment

The purpose of a mental health intake is to determine qualification for services as well as strengths and needs in your life that you wish to address. You will be asked to come in a few minutes before your intake time in order to complete pre-assessment paperwork.

Individual Care Plan (ICP)

After the intake, you will be assigned to a clinician who will work with you to develop an Individualized Care Plan designed to meet your needs. This plan includes goal to be accomplished while in treatment.

Counseling Services

Masters level clinicians utilize a combination of individual, family, and group evidenced based treatment options to meet your specific goals developed on your individualized care plan.