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Picture1Wahkiakum County displays the following geographic data in the interactive web apps:

Wahkiakum County Web Map

Wahkiakum on the Move: bus schedule and routes

Picture1 Read the Wahkiakum County GIS Disclaimer or download GIS data using the links below:

Link to Wahkiakum County GIS Disclaimer

Link to Download Wahkiakum County GIS Data (Shapefiles)

Link to Wahkiakum County Open Data Hub to Download current GIS Data

Link to Download PDF Maps

Picture1Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Wahkiakum County have zoning?

The incorporated Town of Cathlamet has zoning. Reference Title 19 Zoning Town of Cathlamet for more information. Use this link to access the Wahkiakum County GIS Map and click on the checkbox next to “Zoning for the Town of Cathlamet”, and the area for zoning will appear. If you click on a parcel a pop-up window will appear with display information about the parcel including “Zoning for the Town of Cathlamet”.

For more information about Zoning in the Town of Cathlamet, contact:
 David McNally
 360.795.3203 x4 

Cathlamet is the only incorporated town inside of Wahkiakum County. The rest of Wahkiakum County is unincorporated and does not have zoning.

2. If I want to develop land outside of the Town of Cathlamet where there is no zoning can I build anything I want?

No. All projects must be approved by the Building & Planning Department. Also, the Comprehensive Plan references Proposed Land Use on page 78.

3. How do I get access to a deed, survey, easement, my property boundaries or other legal documents that were recorded in Wahkiakum County?

Contact the Auditors office via email or call them at 360-795-3219.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the auditors office, contact a title company or a  surveyor.

4. I am looking to purchase a parcel or develop land that I already purchased. How do I get more information about specific parcels?

Use the Wahkiakum County web map to search by parcel id, geographic id, address, or current property owner. Also, read the documentation on the Building and Planning page regarding development in Wahkiakum county.

5. I want to get a map of my property for general use not for legal purposes. Where can I access a map?

The Wahkiakum County Web map is searchable by property ID, Geographic ID, Address, or Property Owner. In the top right corner of the web app is a print button. Alternatively, our GIS Technician can assist you with getting a map.

6. The Wahkiakum County Parcel map shows different boundaries than what I own.

Contact the county GIS Technician, at 360-849-9406 and provide the parcel ID, the address, and the area that you think is mapped incorrectly. We will audit the parcel layer based on the recorded documents that are available in the Auditors office. Keep in mind that you cannot use the county parcel map for legal purposes. Contact a title company or surveyor if you are uncertain of what you own.

7.  I bought a parcel but the Wahkiakum County GIS map or the assessor office page does not show the ownership change. How often is the Wahkiakum GIS parcel map updated?

Wahkiakum County updates parcel ownership monthly. Contact the GIS Technician or the assessor office directly if you purchased a parcel but do not see the change of ownership on the assessor page, or on the GIS map.

8. What is the data source for the Wahkiakum County parcel map?

The parcel layer is drawn based on surveys and deeds that are recorded in the Auditors office. If a parcel has a survey but the survey has not been recorded in the Auditors office then the information will not be updated on the parcel map. Only recorded changes are included in the parcel map.

9. How many feet is the right of way at the County Road adjacent to my parcel?

The right of way adjacent to any parcel will vary depending on the location. Contact the Building & Planning Department and provide them with the address or parcel ID and they will be able to look up this information and get back to you.


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