Assessment Year 2018

This page contains information regarding the Assessment Year 2018 (AY2018).

Sales Data

The valuation date for AY2018 is January 01, 2018. The primary sales data used for the market analysis for the AY2018 values are sales from 2017. The secondary set of sales are sales for the 5 year period prior to the assessment date, 2013-2017.

2017 Sales Report

2017 Sales Spreadsheet

2013-2017 Sales Spreadsheet

(Note that there is also a slideshow of sales on the assessor's home page.)

Other Data

The figures below show information from the ratio study comparing the assessment year 2017 assessed values to the 2017 sales. This basically serves as the starting point for identifying adjustments and generating values for AY2018.

PACS Trend Summary 1

PACS Trend Summary 2