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Wahkiakum County Large Fire Burn Permit

  1. Once this form is submitted, the Permit Coordinator will email a signed copy of the approved permit within 3 business days. However, your permit will be active from the time you click submit. Contact the Building & Planning Department with questions at: (360) 795-3067
  2. For example: 2, 10'x10' piles of brush, branches, berry bushes and grass clippings
  3. I read the prohibited materials section of the Outdoor Burning Ordinance*
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  5. This permit shall be kept at the fire site at all times. This permit is only valid for 30 days.
  6. Call Wahkiakum County Communication, (360)795-3242 to get Burning Conditions and provide the address the day of burning.
  7. Large Fire Burning Permit Rules:
    1. No outdoor burning shall be done when a burn ban is in effect. 2. No outdoor burning shall be done during the declared period of impaired air quality. Burning conditions shall be obtained each day before starting to burn. 3. Burning must be done with the following clearances from structures, property lines, and other combustible materials: a. Not less than 15 feet when using an approved burning appliance. b. Not less than 50 feet for pile sizes greater than four feet by four feet but less than ten feet by ten feet. c. Not less than 50 feet from any structures regardless of pile size. 4. A person capable of extinguishing the fire shall attend it at all times and the fire must be totally extinguished before leaving it. A sufficient water supply and shovel must be at the burning site and ready to use. 5. Burning shall be conducted during daylight hours and only 1 pile may be burned at a time and it must be extinguished before starting another. 6. No fires are permitted in or within 500 feet of a forest slash and without a slash burning permit from Washington DNR. 7. If a fire creates a nuisance, it must be extinguished upon direction from the jurisdictional fire protection district., the local air pollution control authority, or the Wahkiakum County Public Works Director.
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    This burn permit is approved by the Wahkiakum County Public Works Department pursuant to Ordinance 122-94. The large burn permit shall be approved pursuant to the following conditions:
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