Tobacco Prevention & Cannabis Prevention for Youth

Wahkiakum County Health & Human Services aims to create a healthy environment for all residents. Cannabis and tobacco prevention is a top priority for the county. The Washington State Department of Health Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program’s goals are to assist community members who use tobacco to quit, prevent youth and adults from ever starting, protect people from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and vape emissions, and take strategic steps to eliminate tobacco-related disparities. The Washington State Department of Health’s Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program).

Additionally,  The WSDH Marijuana and Prevention Program has created a public health hotline that provides referrals to substance abuse treatment providers, and utilizes evidence-based or researched-based public health approaches to minimizing the harms associated with marijuana use.  It has also granted WC with funds devoted to the development and implementation of coordinated intervention strategies for the prevention and reduction of marijuana use by youth, including scientifically accurate media-based education campaigns about the health and safety risks posed by marijuana use (Washington State Department of Health Marijuana Prevention and Education Program).