Protection Orders

Protection Orders

There are multiple types of court orders that address domestic violence. To learn about what type of protection you might need, please Click Here.

Domestic Violence Protection OrdersFor the protection of family members and others who have a household relationship with the abuser and have experienced acts of violence or stalking or who are fearful that acts of violence will occur. 
Additional resources for Domestic Violence Support can be found at 
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
Sexual Assault Protection OrdersFor the protection of victims of nonconsensual sexual conduct who do not have a  household relationship with the abuser.
Anti-Harassment or Stalking
Protection Orders
For the protection of victims of harassment or stalking. Typically filed in District Court
Vulnerable Adult/Elderly Protection OrdersFor the protection of adults 60 years and older or other adults who meet certain conditions.  

All Court Forms regarding Domestic Violence can be found here:

Protection Order Packet - Download Protection Order Packet  (This packet is now used for all types of Protection Orders - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Anti-Harassment. You must designate the type of Order you are requesting in the documents where indicated.)

Vulnerable Adult Protection Order - Download Vulnerable Adult Packet

Response (use to file related documents such as police reports, medical records, text messages, witness statements, etc., or to respond to a protection order filed against you.)

Download Response Packet

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