General Services

Lice Head Checks

The Wahkiakum County Health Department can provide Lice head check as needed or as a follow up check after treatment. Additionally we are available to provide education on how to treat an individual person as well as an entire house. The education we provide stresses the importance of breaking the lice life-cycle. As part of our educational services, we are available to discuss treatment options that include several alternatives to chemicals.

Notifiable Conditions

Notifiable conditions investigation and reporting are done as they are obtained from labs and clinics. We work in conjunction with other counties (as needed) as some conditions are not confined to Wahkiakum County (for example: food borne illness from a restaurant). Education provided to the patient as needed.

View the List of Notifiable Conditions (PDF)

Teen Community Health Advocate

The Wahkiakum County Health Department has implemented a Teen Community Health Advocate program. This program utilizes teens at Wahkiakum High School that act as trusted peers for other teens to talk to when needed. They work on projects that they designate as important to both the High School as well as the greater Wahkiakum County community.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

The Wahkiakum County Health Department provides Tuberculosis (TB) testing. The TB program provides tests to those, at any age, that request it for any reason (employment, inpatient treatment, self-knowledge). The serum is injected under the skin and then “read” 48 to 72 hours later and documented. If the test is positive, an additional test may be requested by the Health Department to determine whether the initial results were due to latent or active TB activity.

Family Planning

The Wahkiakum County Health Department provides male and female condoms which are available at our Elochoman Campus, as well as public restrooms in our Health and Human Services buildings.

DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity testing is conducted by appointment, as set by the courts, or DNA company basis.